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The 9 Best Kids Bikes You Can Buy Right Now

The 9 Best Kids Bikes You Can Buy Right Now

When it comes to buying a bike for your child, there are a lot of factors to consider. Age, size, and of course, price. But what about the best bikes for kids? In this article, we’ll explore the nine best bikes you can buy your child right now. We’ll take a look at different types of bikes, their features, and what to consider when purchasing one. From mountain bikes to BMX bikes and everything in between, read on to find the perfect bike for your child!

What to look for in a kids bike

When you’re shopping for a bike for your kids, there are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, make sure that the bike is appropriate for their age and size. There are plenty of bikes available that are too big or too small for kids, and they won’t be able to use them properly. Secondly, try to find a bike that has features that will interest your child.

If they’re into biking for exercise, look for bikes with gears so they can increase their speed. If they’re more interested in exploring neighborhoods, consider an adult-sized bike with coaster brakes so they can stop on a dime. And finally, don’t forget the safety factor. Make sure the bike has bright colors or reflective material so it’s easier to see in traffic and children have something to hold on to when they fall off the bike.

The best bikes of 2022

In the coming year, there are a few bikes that are bound to become some of the best kids bikes you can buy. Here are four of the best ones:

1. Schwinnenfahrrad 24 inch junior bike – This bike is perfect for younger riders who are just starting out. It has a comfortable seat and an easy-to-use gear shifter for those first steps into biking.

2. Mongoose Monterey 18 inch mountain bike – This bike is perfect for more experienced riders who want something with a bit more muscle tone and agility. The Monterey is also extremely well-built, so you can rest assured that it will last long.

3. Little Tikes Folding Tricycle – This trike is perfect for younger children who have never ridden before or for older siblings who want to help out but don’t have time to teach their little brother or sister how to ride a bike. Plus, it’s lightweight and folds up easily for storage or transport.

4. Huffy Big Trail 20 inch mountain bike – If your child wants something a little tougher and faster, then this might be the right choice for them. It’s made from durable materials and has large tires that provide plenty of traction on all types of terrain.

How to choose the perfect bike for your child

When it comes to picking the right bike for your child, there are a few things you need to take into account. First and foremost, make sure the bike is big enough for your child. Not all kids are the same size, so it’s important to find a bike that will fit them properly. Second, be sure to find a bike that is comfortable for your child. There are a lot of different types of bikes on the market, so it’s important to find one that feels good when they’re riding it. And finally, be sure to check out the reviews before buying a bike. There are a lot of great bikes out there, but sometimes bad reviews can help you avoid getting a lemon.

What to do if your bike is damaged

If you have a bike that’s been damaged in some way, there are a few things you can do to get it fixed or replaced.

The first step is to assess the damage. Look at the bike carefully and identify any areas that are bent, twisted, smashed or missing. Once you have a good idea of what needs to be repaired, decide which option is best for you.

If your bike needs only minor repairs, you may be able to fix them yourself using basic tools and supplies. If more extensive repairs are required, then you’ll need to take it to a mechanic or bike shop.

Regardless of the repair options, make sure to take pictures of the damage before any work is done so you can document the progress and ensure accuracy.

Specialized Specialized Riprock 12

The Specialized Riprock 12 is a great option for kids who want a bike that will handle well, but isn’t too heavy or expensive. It’s also the perfect size for growing kids, with a wheelbase of just under 12 inches. The Riprock 12 features Specialized’s S-Works Carbon fiber frame and fork, which make it light and stiff, while its wheels are made from high-quality aluminum. You’ll also love the fact that it comes with a Shimano Tourney 7-speed drivetrain and Tektro brakes. This bike is perfect for both urban and rural settings, making it a great choice for anyone looking for an affordable, versatile bike.

Co-op Cycles Co-Op Cycles REV 20

If you’re looking for a bike that your kids can ride safely, look no further than the co-op cycles REV 20. This bike is perfect for those kids who are just starting out and want to learn how to ride a bike safely. The frame is made from high-quality materials that make it stable, while the suspension system ensures that your child will stay safe on the ride. Plus, this bike comes with a basket and rearrack, so your child can take everything they need with them on their rides. If you’re looking for a safe and affordable bike for your children, the co-op cycles REV 20 is definitely worth considering.

Redline Redline MX Junior

1. The Redline MX Junior is a great bike for kids because it is lightweight and easy to ride. It also has a comfortable seat, which makes it perfect for kids who are just starting out biking.

2. The bike comes with a basic set of gears, so your child will be able to graduate to more advanced bikes as they get better and experience the joys of riding.

3. Another great feature of this bike is the suspension system, which makes it very stable and easy to control when you are cycling downhill or on rougher terrain. Plus, the bike comes with a built-in lock for extra safety.

4. Overall, the Redline MX Junior is a great choice for kids who are looking for an easy-to-ride bike that will provide them with years of enjoyment.

Cleary Bikes Cleary Owl

1. Cleary Bikes Cleary Owl

When it comes to kids bikes, there are a few brands that always come to mind, such as Schwinn and Specialized. But if you’re looking for a bike that will be loved by your little one and last for years, then you need to check out Cleary Bikes.

Cleary bikes are made with quality in mind, and they also have some of the most adorable designs out there. Their Cleary Owl bike is no exception. This bike is perfect for kids who love owls, and it has plenty of features that will make them happy.

First of all, this bike is stylish and fun. Its bright green color is sure to stand out on the playground, and its owl design is just adorable. Plus, the fact that it’s adjustable makes it perfect for any child size or age.

Another great feature of this bike is the storage space inside. There’s enough room to fit a helmet, water bottle, snack bag, and more! This means that your child won’t have to go scavenging through their backpack every time they want something to eat or drink on the go.

Overall, the Cleary Owl bike is perfect for any kid who loves owls. It’s stylish and functional, and its adjustable size means that it will fit any child perfectly.

Cannondale Cannondale Trail

If you’re in the market for a great kids bike, you’ll want to check out the Cannondale Trail. This bike is perfect for beginners and has a variety of features that will make it easy for your child to learn how to ride. Plus, because it’s made from durable materials, you can be sure that it will stand up to lots of wear and tear. If you’re looking for a bike that your child will love and enjoy riding, the Cannondale Trail is definitely worth considering.


As parents, we are always on the lookout for the best bikes that our children can ride. In this article, we have outlined some of the best kids bikes that you can buy right now. We have chosen bikes from a range of categories so that you will be able to find what you are looking for. Whether your child is just starting out or wants an upgrade, we have the perfect bike for them!

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